Decision science based investment platform.

Due Diligence

Engage Osparna to conduct technical due diligence on your behalf. Our analysts will evaluate the company’s product, process and team freeing your time to focus on deal terms.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Engage with current and potential portfolio companies through surveys and questionnaires. Request routine information, stay in touch with the companies in which you’ve invested.

Data is the foundation

Decisions are made by evaluating available data. Osparna makes it easy for you to document your knowledge about an industry, your investment thesis and goals for the transaction.

Bias identification

Every investor has developed “pattern recognition”. The question is, does yours serve you well? Could you improve outcomes by moderating some beliefs? With Osparna you make investment criteria explicit and determine their importance for each decision.

Competitive Intelligence

Learn about companies that have recently been funded.  Expand the breadth of your competitive analysis when evaluating a potential investment opportunity.

Portfolio Analysis

Are your investments meeting the goals established when the decision was made? Are they under performing their peers? Out performing them? Are the relationships you expected to make coming together?

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