About Us

Osparna (os-par-naw’) – Thoroughly; With (all) diligence

 Leadership Team

Troy M. Pearsall

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to co-founding Osparna, Troy was most recently CIO of IQT where he oversaw the development of their due diligence platforms.  During his tenure at IQT, Troy served in various executive roles responsible for IQT’s technology diligence and evaluation process.

Previously, he led the Business Intelligence and Analytics team at GSI Commerce, Inc. Troy has held a variety of leadership and technical roles in the software, defense contracting, and strategic communications industries.

Matt McKnight

Chief Technology Officer

Prior to co-founding Osparna, Matt was President of LMN Solutions, a defense contractor, growing it from $0 to $20M in annual revenue in 7 years. While at LMN, Matt developed the initial version of IQT’s due diligence platform.

Matt’s current focus is in the areas of imagery analysis, scalable data analytics, cybersecurity, and machine learning.

Linnet States

Chief Product Officer

Prior to co-founding Osparna, Linnet served as the product lead for the internal due diligence platform at IQT and as the principal developer for IQT’s investment workflow automation tool.

Prior to IQT, Linnet led and supported programs for the NSA and DoD.  During that time, she was a Software Engineer at Technology Management Associates, an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton and a Senior Systems Analyst at Lockheed Martin

Carl Fyffe

VP of Engineering

Carl joined Osparna in 2018. Prior to joining Osparna, Carl was an early member of several startups. He has been instrumental in guiding more than five products from conception to launch.

Carl has been the engineering lead for multiple teams and integral to cross team communication to ensure the goals of the organization are met. Carl’s career has been focused on developing systems in analytics, decision support, and large scale data processing.