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Moneyball for Investing

Brad Pitt is shown in a scene from "Moneyball." Sony Pictures

Moneyball for Investing
May 8, 2020

In our first design meeting “Moneyball for Investing” became a catchphrase for our application. Everyone latched on to it, including me….

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Weighted Score
How to choose a…house
February 23, 2020

Buying a house is stressful in the best of circumstances. Buying a house in a distant, unknown area is a whole…

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Conversations - Osparna
Managing Bias
February 3, 2020

Let me paint you a scenario. Imagine this, when Pat was new to investing in private companies, back in 2008, the…

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Decision Count
Decision Analysis Osparna Style
January 14, 2020

Following up on Matt’s post – Decision Analysis – let’s take a look at using Osparna’s platform for Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis of an…

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