Hi I’m Troy, a co-founder of Osparna. Osparna’s platform helps investors make better investments through the application of decision science to the investment process.  We’ve been in stealth mode for the last two years as the team solidified our views on the product and market. Over the course of that time, and during my prior experience at one of the most active strategic investment firms in the US, I’ve developed strong opinions regarding the investor due diligence process and the application of decision science to it. You will undoubtedly hear them, including potentially divergent views from other members of the team, in this space.

Osparna’s platform is designed to help investors make better decisions by applying consistent, measurable criteria to each investment opportunity. We are convinced that a rigorous process, encouraged by the adoption of a tailored platform, leads to better investment outcomes that are inline with an investor’s objectives. Our platform is suitable for every class of investor – from angels to VCs to PE firms and Corp Dev/M&A teams. The platform is designed to enhance an investor’s instincts by suggesting criteria that should be considered and providing a historical view of prior decisions. We believe this approach will increase your probability of success in the long term and help you make better investment decisions immediately.

Stay tuned for updates. We will be discussing our development process, due diligence we’ve conducted on behalf of investors and our approach to decision science. I’d like for this space to become a conversation and look forward to reading your comments and thoughts.